Why Millennials are Ditching Cars and Redefining Ownership

I wish ditching a car in Los Angeles were a workable option for me personally but, at the moment, I have an sixteen mile round trip, daily commute that isn’t workable with public transit.

Via NPR:

“While they do still want to own a car — not as much as they want to own a smartphone, by the way, that’s the physical possession they’re most attached to — they are thinking about, ‘Do I need a car or not?’ in a way that I think five years ago or 10 years ago we wouldn’t have seen to the same extent.” — Jill Hennessy

The insurance cost is absurd and maintenance is a bit much as well, especially given the state of the city’s streets. It’s understandable, to say the least, why people my age are ditching cars in favor of more cost-effective public options.